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Welcome to the City College community

An unwavering commitment to excellence in academic achievement and civic responsibility drives the BCC community to do better every day. City College students feel this from the first time they enter the doors to the day they accept their diplomas. And that feeling stays with them Forever.

Every excellent school is built and supported by the community to which it belongs. The Baltimore City College tradition is built on a solid foundation of proud people who reflect Baltimore’s broad diversity of culture and talent. Together with those who have come before, we share an unshakable belief in the value and transformational power of education.

While our history is long and our future is bright, the challenges we face are as daunting as they’ve ever been. BCC is a public school that cannot thrive without your personal support. We urge each of you to consider contacting one or more of the organizations listed below. Your offer of time, talent, or resources will ensure that the children of Baltimore always have the rich educational opportunity they deserve and that City remains City Forever.
Thank you!





Cindy Harcum ‘88, Principal



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The Baltimore City College Foundation (501c3)
BCCF exists to ensure the institutional sustainability of the legacy of excellence we know as City Forever by funding capital projects, protecting existing programs, supporting new programs, and recognizing excellence in teaching. More information at


City Now, City Forever: The City College Annual Fund  (501c3)
Our goal is to maintain a resource that will benefit every student, faculty member, and program on campus by providing the financial flexibility necessary to respond to school needs. In short, your gifts will ensure that City remains the extraordinary place we love.
More information at


The Baltimore City College Alumni Association (501c3)
The BCCAA was founded in 1866 to perpetuate the alma mater as a college preparatory high school. It provides many opportunities for alum to socialize and network. The BCCAA also supports the student body through special programs and grants. More information at


The Trustees of the BCC Scholarship Fund (501c3)
The TBCCSF endowment awards more than $100,000 in scholarships each year to graduating seniors. To contribute or get more information, please contact the Trustees at TBCCSF, PO Box 32542, Baltimore MD 21282-2542


Friends of the Baltimore City College Choir  (501c3)

Friends of the Choir seeks to provide operational support, performance experiences outside of the curriculum, and scholarships to graduating seniors. More information is available


The Gilbert Sandler Fund for Speech and Debate at City College (501c3)
Speech and debate provides students the opportunity to participate in a rigorous and rewarding discipline. Please donate at or mail a check to Gil Sandler Fund, 4614 Enderly Rd., Baltimore, MD 21212.

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