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Who We Are…

At Baltimore City College, we pride ourselves on the tradition of providing a rigorous academic curriculum through the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. By offering every student rigorous studies and high caliber extracurricular and co-curricular activities, we aspire for our students to demonstrate excellence and to succeed in the best colleges. We strive for our students to become committed and responsible citizens active in their local and global communities. The college application process is a key component to each City College student’s experience at the Castle on the Hill. Not only does this process serve as the culmination of all of the academic preparation encouraged during one’s time at City, but more perhaps more importantly, the process also serves a journey; a journey into an independent adulthood and a lifetime of learning, for which one’s City College experience is the cornerstone of that foundation. At City, we in the College Advising Office are eager and ready to help all students and parents navigate that journey in a way that is personal and best suited to their individual needs and talents. Embracing City’s mission of providing academic programs that incorporate communication, intercultural awareness, and inquiry-based learning, we structure an exploration of each student's sense of self, interests and talents, ambitions, and long-term aspirations.

Your Role...

AS A STUDENT Students must take ownership of every aspect of this process.Students need to be open-minded. Listen to all that one may hear, but do so critically, all the while staying true to one’s aspirations and goals. In doing so, always evaluate the reliability of your sources. Resist the notion that there is one perfect school: a superb education can be gained at many an institution. Ask tough questions of yourself. After thinking hard about interests, learning styles, and desired social settings, commit to thorough research. Visit with admission officers and ask thoughtful, informed questions. Visit prospective campuses in person (if possible) or at least do so virtually. Only through such thoughtful work will one be able to design an informed and appropriate college list. AS A PARENT Be sure to make this your child’s college search process. Listen, keep an open mind, and be sure to make your child owns this process; after all, it is he or she going off to school, not you… and you certainly want to help prepare your child for success in that independent life that he or she is about to embrace. If necessary for your situation, have an open and candid conversation – as early as is practical - about finances and any limitations that need to be considered. Always show support. Be involved in the process, but resist the temptation to direct or to steer it. Recognize the complexities of this process that your child is internalizing and be careful to consider what this process is really all about. While the first step is certainly gaining admission to schools and choosing one to attend, this piece is merely the small, initial step in the more important journey of intellectual and social maturation that the undergraduate years provide. And in that process, a student’s sense of happiness and “fit” can make a world of difference, regardless of admit rates. AS A COLLEGE COUNSELOR Familiarize ourselves with new information about colleges’ admission policies and practices, new programmatic developments at the broad array of schools our students consider, and new admission offices’ staff development. Educate college admission officers about The City College community, the Opportunities City students pursue here, and about the students themselves as a precursor to the collegiate life our students seek to lead. Provide the information and support necessary to students and parents to facilitate as smooth a transition to life after City as possible. Structure a process that requires and enables students to develop a sense of responsibility and personal empowerment in this important decision-making endeavor, all while offering support and care to the needs of the individuals involved. ​AS COLLEGE ADVISOR, WE WILL: Strive to provide comprehensive and professionally sound advising that addresses the student’s individual needs – academic, social, emotional, and financial. We recognize that this college search journey will be unique for each student; therefore, we will focus upon the personal strengths of each student and use those strengths to guide every student’s path. Focus on the idea of “match” or “fit” in providing advice to students about process and about specific educational opportunities. While part of that decision-making journey will incorporate specific information regarding schools’ selectivity issues, we want to help students focus on the idea of finding a set of schools that provide confidence, wonder, and enthusiasm regarding their future, schools that are best-positioned to provide opportunities for future success. Push hard to make each student take responsibility for the considerations and decisions this process demands. By pushing each student to lead his or her own search process, we hope that students will learn and embrace the idea of applying the wide variety of skills that the Baltimore City College curriculum fosters in a real-world application, all in a situation fully supported by committed professionals. Seek to work in partnership with students and parents to make this search process as smooth and as meaningful as possible.

Our Events...

COLLEGE REPRESENTATIVE VISITS: College representatives from across the country visit Baltimore City College to share information with students about their respective colleges/universities. Students connect with admissions representatives in preparation for college application submissions. SENIOR FALL COLLEGE TOURS: As a school field trip, the Senior class will visit a variety of colleges and universities in Maryland and neighboring states to learn more about the college application process, tour a college campus, and even have lunch in their dining hall. The purpose of this college tour is to allow students that have never visited a college campus to gain that experience and to give them an opportunity to learn from admissions professionals what it takes to be successful in college, no matter which campus they choose. This trip is at no charge to the student. FAFSA WORKSHOPS: Throughout the academic year, several FAFSA workshops are available to assist families in submitting the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). We rotate the timeframes to be accessible to as many families as possible. We also assist families with FAFSA by appointment - please reach out to your child’s college advisor if you require a private appointment. M&T BANK FINANCIAL LITERACY DAY: Members of M&T Bank visit City College every fall to speak with Seniors about financial literacy. Topics include basic budgeting, credit scores and protection, saving and investing your money, and banking fundamentals. SENIOR INTERVIEW CLINIC: The Senior Interview clinic is an opportunity for the senior class to practice interview skills, resume building and professionalism. Students will be aided in creating their own academic resume, and they will meet for a short mock interview with community professionals and college partners. This is done during the time when college interviews take place so students get to practice before a college admissions interview! JUNIOR/SENIOR COLLEGE INFORMATION & FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION NIGHT: Important information and deadlines are shared with parents and students regarding the financial aid application and college application process. College partners are invited to attend and share tips with students and parents as they navigate through their college applications. KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE: Every year, Baltimore City College alumni are invited back for a round table discussion with our current seniors to share their insight on the college process, adjusting to college life, and reflections on their foundational experience at Baltimore City College and how it prepared them for college success. SCHOLARSHIP BLITZ: College Advisors present various scholarship opportunities to Seniors over a series of days. We discuss Maryland State Financial Scholarship opportunities, local and national scholarships. Additionally, students are given time to apply after our presentation. JUNIOR INTERVIEW CLINIC: The Junior Interview clinic is an opportunity for the junior class to practice interview skills, resume building and professionalism. Students will be aided in creating their own academic resume, and they will meet for a short mock interview with community professionals and college partners. This is the first event to kick off their college application process. SAT SCHOOL DAY FOR JUNIOR/SENIORS: Two free SAT school day testing opportunities are provided for every student. The first occurs in the Spring of a student’s Junior year, and the next occuring in the Fall of their Senior year. CITY COLLEGE FAIR: The Annual College Fair is an opportunity for our students to meet with over 100 colleges and universities at the Castle on the Hill. CITY COLLEGE DECISION DAY: Seniors are celebrated in front of their peers as they reveal where they will be attending college next fall! BCC COLLEGE APPLICATION BOOTCAMP: The College Advising Office hosts three College Bootcamps for rising seniors every summer at Baltimore City College. These bootcamp sessions are free and give rising seniors a head start in the college application process. These sessions include a thorough review of the college application portfolio, college essay writing, financial aid and scholarship information. College partners are invited as guest speakers to share tips with students. Students will create their Common Application account and begin applying to colleges. Students who attend our summer bootcamp are well prepared for the college process and are better able to balance both their college applications and academic commitments when the school year begins. On the last day of each bootcamp, students will have the opportunity to attend a college tour on a local campus.

Financial Aid and Scholarships…
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  1. Student/Parent Access:
    Students and Parents both have access to Naviance. 

    1. Visit 

    2. Select “For Students and Parents” under Account Log-In. 

    3. Enter your school name, city, or zip code and select Baltimore City College

    4. Choose your user type (Student or Parent/Guardian)

    5. STUDENTS:
      Log in by selecting “Continue with Clever” and log in using your BCPSS information by selecting “Log in with Active Directory”

    6. PARENTS:
      Contact your child’s College Advisor if you have not previously logged into Naviance to be registered. 


  2. College Advising Updates will be shared via Naviance’s home page and email so make sure to check your Naviance portal often for updates. 

  3. College Applications:
    Seniors should update Naviance with their college list under “Colleges I’m Applying To”. You will be able to track the status of your college applications and transcript requests in this section.


  4. Transcript Requests:
    Transcripts requests can be made in Naviance under the “Colleges I’m Applying To” section. Once a student adds the college for which they have applied to, then the student will select “request transcripts” to have a transcript sent to the college by their College Advisor. There is no fee to request a transcript. Transcript requests will be processed within 2-3 business days. 

    1. Initial Transcripts - transcripts sent with the initial application

    2. Midyear Transcripts - transcripts sent after the 1st semester of Senior year

    3. Final Transcripts - transcripts sent after high school graduation

  5. Teacher Letter of Recommendation Requests:
    Teacher letter of recommendation requests can be made in Naviance by selecting the “Colleges” tab and scrolling down to “Letters of Recommendation” under the Apply To Colleges section. Students should add a maximum of 3 requests for a teacher letter of recommendation in Naviance. Once the request is made, then the teacher will upload the letter of recommendation into Naviance before the student’s first college application deadline, as indicated in the college list. Letters of recommendation are private and will be sent by College Advisors to colleges on the student’s behalf. 


  6. Counselor Letter of Recommendation Requests:
    Counselor letter of recommendation requests can made via email to your College Advisor or Counselor. Either the College Advisor or Counselor can write a letter on your behalf if your college requires this recommendation. 


  7. College Representative Visits:
    College representatives from across the country visit Baltimore City College to share information with students about their respective colleges/universities. Students connect with admissions representatives in preparation for college application submissions in person and virtually. Students must register at least 1 day in advance for college visits in Naviance. College Rep visits are open to 11th and 12th grade students, with the priority given to 12th grade students. Students are responsible for any work missed in class.  

  1. SAT Information:

  2. ACT Information:

  3. Test Preparation and Study Sites: 

    1. CollegeBoard -

    2. Khan Academy -

    3. Test Prep Review -

    4. Princeton Review -

    5. Kaplan -

    6. Varsity Tutors -

  4. SAT/ACT Test Optional Colleges and Universities:

  5. SAT/ACT Fee waivers are available through the College Advising Office. You may use the fee waiver to cover your registration fee; however, if you register after the deadline then you may be required to pay a late fee.

Meet our Staff

Rodney Joyner​

  1. I work with Class of 2023 (Last Name M-R)

  2.  College you went to: Western Maryland College (now McDaniel College)

  3. Activities & Clubs you did in College: Football, Choir, Black Student Union

  4. Things you do at school: Varsity Head Football Coach, 

  5. Specialties in the college process: Athletic recruiting and financial aid

  6. Things I am Proud of: I have been working at City for 25+ years, and I am also a City College Alumni (C/O 1984). I enjoy spending time with family and cooking. City Forever!

Phone: (443) 642-6511

Michele headshot_jfif.webp

Michele Flores

  1. I work with the Class of 2023 (Last Name F-L)

  2. College you went to: St. Mary’s University (B.A. - English), University of Texas at San Antonio (M.A. - Counseling), Lamar University (M.Ed. - Educational Administration)

  3. Activities & Clubs you did in College: Alpha Phi Fraternity, Student Orientation Assistant, Residence Hall Association

  4. Things you do at school: College Admissions and CBO Partnerships, BCC Equity Team

  5. Specialties in the college process: Financial Aid, Selective Admissions, Supporting first-generation-to-college students, Postgraduate support in college, CBO partnerships, Volunteer Scholarship Reader

  6. Things I am proud of: Dogmom, Latina, and wife. I love to read, travel, puzzle, attend live concerts and musicals, walk along the harbor, and support local Baltimore restaurants.

Phone: (443) 642-6510


Kelly Tarini

  1. I work with the Class of 2023 (Last Name A-E)

  2. College you went to: Loyola University Maryland (B.A.- Psychology and Communications (Public Relations/Advertising), M.Ed.-School Counseling) 

  3. Activities & Clubs you did in College: Admissions Ambassador, Relay for Life, Dance Company, Koinonia, Psi Chi, Phon-A-Thon recruiter

  4. Specialties in the Admissions Process: Liberal Arts Colleges, Essay Review, Financial Aid/Scholarships, “Fit and Match” process.

  5. Things I love: Being a mom and wife, running (I've run a marathon!), playing tennis, reading, traveling, and pizza!

Phone: (443) 642-6514 


Khaliah Williams

  1. I work with the Class of 2023 (Last Name S-Z)

  2. College you went to: Sarah Lawrence College (B.A. Liberal Arts with a Concentration in Italian Language and Literature), Iowa Writers' Workshop at The University of Iowa (MFA in Fiction Writing)

  3. Activities & Clubs you did in College: Student Government, Students For Students Scholarship Fund, Orientation Leader, Study Abroad in Florence, Italy, Tour Guide, Senior Interviewer, Theater Production

  4. Specialties in the College Process: Essay Writing and Highly Selective College Admissions. 

  5. Things you do at school: Creative Writing Club, Knitting Club

  6. Things I love: Writers in Baltimore Schools, Writing, Reading, Knitting, Blackwing Pencils, Stationary, Cooking, Baking, and my poorly behaved cat, Fanciulla.

Phone: (443) 642-6514

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