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Belief Statements

At Baltimore City College, we believe that:

  1. We should prepare students to be life-long learners who can approach the world with an open-mind and intelligent empathy.

  2.  All students have the right to appropriate instruction which assists them to progress and learn.

  3. Expecting students to achieve at the highest level is a worthwhile and achievable goal.

  4. Quality faculty and other staff are essential to school excellence.

  5. Education is a shared responsibility of all constituencies:  students and their families, school teachers, administrators and staff, community members, and governing authorities. 

  6. Understanding and use of innovative technology are essential components of learning for high school education.

  7. School stakeholders will continuously implement thoughtful, planned processes to safeguard and support quality instruction and increased student achievement.

  8. All students have a right to a safe, secure learning environment and physical plant.

  9. The culture and climate of the school are important in shaping individual attitudes and behaviors.

  10. Resources will be used effectively and responsibly to achieve the mission and goals of the school community.

  11. We believe that a strong, active alumnus instills a sense of tradition, history, and values of the school community.

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