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Cindy Harcum, Head of School

City's Vision

At Baltimore City College, we link our school values with Common Core and IB Expectancies. We understand and respect the traditions of the past while moving forward to embrace change specifically in the areas of conceptual learning and responsibility to others.


Baltimore City College has a long tradition of being one of the most outstanding academic institutions in America. The traditions established at City College and the accomplishments received over the years, have been the result of students who have taken the responsibility for learning and serving our community very seriously. They have set high academic and personal standards that we must maintain in order to keep City College among the top ranked academic institutions in America.

We provide a variety of educational experiences that will prepare students to meet the demands of a global society. We demand that each student reach their potential in all areas of development, academically and socially. A student's development is the center of our thinking and endeavors.

Our ultimate goal is to provide a rigorous academic program so that students are admitted to the best colleges and universities in the country. As life long learners, City College students will be empowered to be a good citizens and successful participants in the world of tomorrow.


Cindy Harcum, Head of School
IB World School

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