School Songs

“Castle On the Hill”


How firm she stands with tower high,
Our Castle on the Hill.
For we have pledged our faith to you,
To ever do your will.
Forever let us praise your name,
Forever let us be,
The stalwart knights of City College,
Dear old BCC.


Forever will her banner fly;
her torch burn ever bright;
And will we follow its broad beam,
which guides us in the right;
Forever let us praise her name and
proudly boast to be
The stalwart knights of City College,
Dear old B.C.C.

“City Forever”


City forever,
We’ll praise her to the sky.
We’ll fight for old City

Until we do or die.
Rah! Rah! Rah!

Dear alma mater
Loyal we’ll always be.
City forever
And for victory.

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